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Professor Richard Holmes

Written By: admin - Jul• 06•11

It was a great shock to learn of the death of Professor Richard Holmes and i decided to wait for a few weeks before writing about him purely out of respect.

Professor Holmes had an air of charisma about him which instantly captured the attention and imagination of those around him, I am only speaking from a very short period of time that I had the pleasure of knowing him and only met him once a week before he died. For me that shows just what sort of impact he could have and it is a poorer world without him.

Project Hougoumont

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Proud to be part of Project Hougoumont

It may only be a small part but the writing and subsequent publishing of my story in the book – The Waterloo Collection – An Anthology of Short Stories is still a part that will help in the restoration of Hougoumont.

A collection of short stories has been published in the book from international authors with the subject being Waterloo a fictional story. My entry was called Return to Hougoumont and whilst I am and always have been interested in miltary history I am certainly no historian. That means I made my best attempt to be historically correct whilst remaining engaging.

Military History Books

Written By: admin - Apr• 21•11

Military History Books – Writing and Starting a Career

I am planning my very first military history book, after writing a few stories and getting some recognition for them I have decided to take the first positive steps and start putting my ideas down on paper.

I have always been very interested in miltary history and have read many books both factual and fictional. Among my favourites are Barbarossa, The Washing of the Spears and Culloden.